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Industry leaders including BP, Shell, Chevron, Transocean and ConocoPhillips use Reflex Marine’s crane transfer carriers in many regions, from the Arctic to the tropics.


The original FROG was pioneered over 25 years ago. Since then, they’ve
launched the FROG-XT range: revolutionary carriers that are employed globally. The widespread success of their products has transformed the industry’s view of marine transfer. With an unparalleled safety record, their carriers are involved in over one million safe personnel transfers around the world every year.


Designed for the most extreme scenarios and offering advanced passenger protection, the FROG-XT represents a revolution in crane transfer.


  • A range of capacities (4, 6 and 10-person) to suit different operations.

  • Spring and hydraulic damping system, and shock-absorbing seats mitigate heavy vertical impacts.

  • Stainless steel frame and polyethylene buoyancy panels provide protection against side impacts.

  • Easy-use harnesses protect against falling, reinforced to minimize the risk of tangled straps.

  • Ergonomically designed seating and spatial layout for passenger comfort and security.

  • Rapid change to MedEvac mode allows for quick evacuation of a casualty.

  • Standardised components across the range for simple ordering.

  • Eye-level rigging connection for easy inspection and maintenance.

  • Weld freeload path and easy to change out components, adding to the benefits of the simple inspection and maintenance schedule.

Truro, Cornwall
Primary Sales Model
Business to Business (B2B)

WAtch the frog-xt case study
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